Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for services?

To be eligible for case management services, individuals must be on active Missouri Probation or Parole, in good standing with their supervision, and live in Kansas City, Missouri. To be eligible for the housing program, individuals must be on active Missouri or Federal Supervision. Additionally, all individuals who are interested in the housing program must be employed and meet income guidelines as set forth by area landlords. If you are interested in getting enrolled, please contact your Probation or Parole officer.


I am not on Missouri Probation or Parole. Do I qualify for services?

Unfortunately, we are unable to enroll individuals in case management who are not on Missouri supervision. However, we will gladly assist you in finding resources in the community that will be helpful to you. Further, anyone is welcome to join us for Job Club, a weekly job readiness class. Please contact us for further details.


Is Second Chance a staffing agency? 

No. Second Chance assists individuals with a criminal background in their job search by providing them with necessary job readiness tools such as prospective job leads, interview assistance, tips on explaining a criminal background to a potential employer, etc. We also assist with employment retention.


Is there a list of employers or landlords who will hire or rent to ex-offenders?

Contrary to popular belief, no lists are available. The decision to hire or rent to an ex-offender is typically made on a case-by-case basis.


I am an area landlord or business owner who is interested in working with Second Chance clients. How do I get involved?

We gladly welcome partnerships with community members and companies who are interested in working with Second Chance clients! Our trained staff of Workforce Development Specialists and Offender Employment Retention Specialists are trained to guide both the individual and prospective employer towards a productive and mutually beneficial working enviornment. Additionally, the Second Chance Housing Program provides every client with Tenants Rights and Responsibilities information to foster a positive tenant/landlord relationship. Please contact us  if you are interested in getting involved!