A Public Safety Offender Re-Entry Initiative of the
Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission

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Approximately 50% of released offenders return to prison within the first three years of release. What about the other 50%? What makes them become productive citizens? How can we help released offenders; therefore, increasing that number?

Kansas and Missouri have developed vital public safety missions and processes focused on released offenders. They have a vision that each released offender will have the tools needed to succeed in the community. Pre-release programs help develop aptitudes and skills. What about after their release? That is where Second Chance comes in.

The Second Chance Program is a coordinating force to advocate for effective prisoner re-entry, providing fundraising for local programs, conducting research, task forces and focus groups, and performing special projects.

The Second Chance Board of Directors consists of individuals dedicated to the vision of released offenders making a seamless transition back into the community and receiving the second chance they so desire. Our organizational chart shows a more detailed breakdown of Second Chance components.

With the success of the Second Chance Program citizens can look forward to a reduction in crime as offenders who take advantage of the increased opportunities presented after their release will not be the ones contributing to our crime rates. We are confident that the Second Chance Program is becoming another vital crime prevention strategy for our metropolitan area.